Super League Apologies Mean Nothing

For a blissful 48 hours, it felt like the football world was as one. Apart from the obvious 12 owners, fans, players, pundits, authorities and TV channels were all singing from the same hymn sheet. All sane with one voice, “we don’t want this Super League”. The ‘Big 6’ in the Premier league were vilified, many pundits and fans already had them punished, and it was looking good for the bottom three, who in the eyes of many were saved.

As the anger of ‘Legacy’ fans around the world was felt, condemnation from UEFA, FIFA and TV channels abound, the English teams started to have second thoughts. The foundation started to show cracks, then it quickly came tumbling down. Manchester City and Chelsea were first, then Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool soon followed. The attitude changed straight away.

Because some of the owners had come out and apologised, it felt like all was forgiven. They came across as so disingenuous, these owners that had concocted a league that would guarantee them a massive financial boost every season, and something they didn’t have to qualify for, yet we are lead to believe they were thinking of the fans!

The single-mindedness that has been shown by these owners is nothing short of staggering. There was surprise that the football world had reacted in this way. Which in itself is surprising as Jurgen Klopp had said in 2019 it was a bad idea! It was a another power grab, by these so called ‘elite’ teams, and they had been caught out again! It was another example of these 6 teams be of the belief that they have a divine right to run football.

This is something that Newcastle fans have been trying to tell everyone for at least the last year. When the consortium pulled out at the end of July 2020, Amanda Staveley suggested that Spurs and Liverpool had been involved in trying to get any takeover blocked. This suggestion had been shot down by many, including the Premier league. However, even though I’m not the ‘we told you so type’, yet here we are! The quotes coming out, including the above tweet, show that these 6 teams have tried to force their way into running the English game to serve their own self interest. So they can forgive me, and I’m sure other ‘Legacy’ fans like me, when I say you can shove your apologies.

These owners have shown their true colours. Unfortunately for fans of these clubs, they may struggle to get rid of them. When you look at what these owners have tried to do, in order to stay financially ahead of everybody else, they are not going to sell their club on the cheap! You would think each club would cost in their billions! Who really has that money to buy into one of these clubs and take on the massive debts that they have!

Some Newcastle fans on twitter have suggested that PIF could buy one of the ‘top 6’, yet when you think Spurs tried to get them to buy their club a few years ago, at a price of £3b, and they decided not to pursue it, as the value for money wasn’t there, and instead decided to go for Newcastle, at a tenth of the price, you will more than likely see the same thinking this time round! With no ‘saviour’ likely, the fans may be stuck with the Glazier’s, FSG’s and Kroenke’s for a while yet.

Which is good news for Newcastle fans, especially when you see the type of tweets that those associated with the consortium have been putting out during the shortest League in history, show that we could have had the sort of owners that fans dream off!

What is needed now, is for the powers that be, UEFA, FIFA, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, need to bring the hammer down on these clubs. The Premier Leagues punishment of simply taking executives from these 6 clubs away from committees associated with decision making in the Premier league, is not enough. The governing bodies need to show that these 6 can not just give themselves power.

These owners have tried to control football from the shadows, and seriously overestimated their own power within the game! Apologies just won’t wash!

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