The Super League! Greed Always wins!

This has been coming for years. The so called elite in football have tried to make sure they remain unopposed at the top of the football pyramid and didn’t want any ‘pretenders’ to the throne to move in on their self-appointed status. They have tried to change European football, so maximise their own profits, changed the landscape to suit them. Even in the Premier league, these so called ‘Big 6’ have tried a miniature power grab with ‘project big picture’ which failed straight away.

In a year when clubs have lost millions upon millions in revenue due to no fans being allowed in the grounds, you would think that they would realise just how important the fans are to each and every club. But what have these ‘Greedy 12’ done, they’ve thought it’s not the fans back we need, its more money, and guaranteed money! They have seen a gap in the market, a gap that only they could see, and have made a move. They seemingly can move away from their ‘legacy fans’ towards a brighter future of bandwagon, armchair supporters, who wouldn’t know the history of these clubs if it spat in their face. 

My heart does genuinely go out to these “Legacy fans”, you know the Manchester United fans who can remember pre-Premier league when Ferguson was a game away from the sack! The Man City fans who know Maine Road as a stadium and not the road in front of your house! The days of Alan Ball, Keith Curle, Kinkladze, relegations, the history before the money! The Arsenal fans who had to sit through George Graham’s ‘Boring, Boring Arsenal’ before Wenger Changed it all! The Chelsea fans who can regale you with tales of ‘Chopper Harris’, and the Spurs fans who remember when Sick Note Anderton, and Chris Armstrong were their star players. The Liverpool fans who stuck by their own and banned The Sun, the same fans who were brought up on Shankley, Paisley, Evans and Dalglish! These salt of the earth proper fans, who have been abandoned by their club owners. 

This move towards a ‘Super League’ which is based purely on greed from the founding clubs owners, can go one of two ways in my opinion. Each way is dependant on the governing bodies effected (Premier League, UEFA, FIFA, La Liga, Serie A) doing the right thing. 

The first way it can go, is that these clubs are allowed to follow through on their proposal, and remain in their respective domestic leagues. Because lets face, we know the Premier League can be gutless! Which would ruin any competition going forward! The money involved in this Super League would see the 6 in England jump to levels and purchasing power that the other 14 couldn’t keep up with, at the moment! With the gulf possibly being that big between the 6 and the other 14, no other club could realistically qualify for any European competition as it stands! The game would die, fans and players would lose interest quick, all because certain owners wanted a bit more money!

The second way would be what’s best for Football! Kick them all out. Kick the 6 out of the Premier League, the FA Cup the lot! Kick Juve, Milan and Inter out of Serie A! Kick Barca, Athletico and Real out of La Liga! Kick them out of any and all UEFA or FIFA competitions. Let them have their own midweek league, that would get boring really quick. 

Let football reset itself away from the power grabbing, in it for themselves shells of Football clubs. Let the clubs that want to earn notoriety, and not take it, have a place in football. Let teams battle for relegation and titles, and know there is a chance. Take these toxic parasites of clubs away from the game. In the long run, football will be better without these clubs in it! Let it get away from the egos of we are better than this, and we deserve more money! Which is laughable when Spurs and Arsenal are in the mix. 

This Super league needs to be seen as a positive for the game. It gets rid of those wanting to nullify the competition, and gives it back to those actually wanting to compete for honours. It takes away the quarterly attempted power grabs by the so called big 6, that time and time again the other 14 clubs have knocked back. 

It is not good news for those proper fans, who have stuck by their clubs through thick and thin! They are the only real losers in this, and should be the ones these clubs think about first. But as we have seen…Money talks!

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