We Need Answers!

We all saw the gut wrenching news on Thursday, that the consortium, made up of PIF, PCP and the Reuben Brothers have pulled out of the deal to takeover Newcastle United.

Since then we have had no update from the Premier League, as to why it took so long without a decision. We have also seen the petition making the rounds on twitter (which I have signed!) and various letters to Richard Masters at the Premier League. This piece is just a way to show the letter I myself have written to Mr Masters asking for answers, and why this takeover meant so much!

Dear Mr Masters,

I am writing to you regarding the collapse of the Newcastle United takeover, involving the consortium made up of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, Amanda Staveley’s PCP Group, and the Reuben Brothers. 

While I appreciate you will be inundated with letters around this subject from fans like myself, and local Members of Parliament, I am not writing for myself, but on behalf of Newcastle fans worldwide. This takeover has consumed 17 weeks of our life, which in that time we have been subject, like the rest of the country, to a lockdown imposed upon us because of a global pandemic. 

The idea of a brighter future for our club has kept us going during this time, when it could have easily affected people’s mental health during these unprecedented times. During this saga we have seen continued press reports, allegations, what if’s and so much more, which have left us asking more questions than it has answered. We the fan base have been left in the dark by the whole affair, in a time when all we wanted were answers. 

The feeling among the fanbase, and the information we have received since Thursday’s press release from the buying side, this was much more than a simple takeover of a Premier League football club. This was the chance for a member club of your Premier League to progress, adding more competition to a league that is often called the best in the world. It was a chance to see improvements in our academy, something that has been ignored by the current ownership. The North East in the past have contributed some of England’s best players, the Charlton Brothers, Alan Shearer, Paul Gascoigne, Peter Beardsley! An improvement in the academy could have seen more come through and could have improved the national side for years to come. It would have also seen investment in the women’s game by investing in the Newcastle United Women’s side. I am sure as head of the Premier League you can appreciate investment in one club can have a knock-on effect in other clubs, and the league as a whole. 

More importantly, this takeover would have seen investment in our region. A region for as long as I have been alive has been calling out for help from our own government, with little to none forthcoming. Here we had a consortium made up of people from outside the region, and an investment fund from a different part of the world willing to improve the North East as a region, not just one of its football clubs. As with football, investment in areas has a knock-on effect. Investment in Newcastle city would have benefitted North Tyneside, Northumberland, Wearside, and other surrounding areas in the long run. 

However, at the current state of play, none of this will be forthcoming. We as fans of Newcastle United, and residents of the North East need an answer as to why.

We have seen from project restart, and leagues around the world, football is nothing without the fans. Without fans to want to watch the game, there would be no multi billion-pound television deals, there would be no premier league, there would be no game! Yet we as fans are left without answers. 

Throughout this whole affair, we have been left without answers. While I appreciate the inner workings of an Owners and Directors Test is confidential and a legal process. We have received no substantiated update from yourself or the Leagues legal counsel to let us know why we have been left in the dark so long. 

All we are asking as fans Mr Masters, are reasons why the test took so long? Why did the incoming consortium feel they had to walk away from a process they had invested millions into? (deposit, legal fees) Why our own club, who never communicate have since stated ‘Never Say Never’? Why we have been led to believe other Premier League member clubs have had more in a say than the people it will affect? All we require are answers.

It has been evident that fans are losing patience with your organisation, when all we require are answers. I will leave this in your hands, but I hope you make the right decision for the people who make football, not the people who fund it!

Yours sincerely 

Carl Richardson

I felt this was the easiest way to share what I had sent to the Premier League. Will it work, I don’t know, but as the age old saying goes…Shy Bairns Get Nowt!

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