Jose Mourinho’s remarks sparks interesting NUFC twitter debate.

As is normal in the build up to any premier league game, each manager will give their thoughts about the game and the opposition team. In the build up to Newcastle’s penultimate home game against Tottenham Hotspur, manager Jose Mourinho’s quotes got Newcastle fans talking.

Hopefully the takeover helps them become an even bigger and better club. Everyone knows through my connection with Sir Bobby that Newcastle was a part of my life indirectly because I worked for many years with him and it was a real passion for him.

Jose has never really hidden his love for Newcastle United, which all stems from his time working with Sir Bobby Robson.

Jose started working as a translator for the North East Legend when he moved to Portugal, and would follow the future Newcastle manager to Barcelona, where they would win multiple trophies, and build a relationship that would last a lifetime. There was talk when Sir Bobby finally came home he wanted Jose as his number 2, but he would decide to take his first steps into management and take a job at Benfica.

This connection would always tie Jose to Newcastle, and his latest remarks have people asking…should he be the next Newcastle manager post takeover.

Jose’s comments on his pre-match press conference have got fans talking that the ‘Special One’ is putting his name in the hat for the Newcastle job post takeover. With continued talk of his future at Spurs, and some fans wanting to see an end to Mourinho’s time at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Jose was linked with the job last summer when the takeover by BZG was talked about. At the time it was seen by many as the perfect replacement for Rafa Benitez, and someone who could take the club forward in a new dawn. Fast forward a year, and we are close to another takeover, with this one looking like a certainty to be approved by the Premier League. With this talk has started of the end to Steve Bruce’s decisive tenure as Newcastle manager, with name like Mauricio Pochettino and Rafa Benitez linked with the job. But these latest remarks have got fans talking again about the ‘Special One’ finally following in Sir Bobby’s footsteps and taking the St James’ Park hot seat.

There is no doubting Mourinho is a world class manager, and apart from Spurs (where he has only been for half a season) Jose has won trophies at nearly every club he has been a part off.

It is all talk between fans at the minute, but Jose as manager has divided fans. Some fans don’t want him in the job, others stating he would be a massive upgrade on Steve Bruce.

I can’t believe people are saying ‘he’s passed his best’ I’d take him in a heartbeat. He’d want to win something got us and for Sir Bobby. Spurs could even be tempted to let him leave to cut costs, and they’re not doing that well either 🤷‍♂️— Graham Robson (@GrahamRobson86) July 14, 2020

The love and respect Jose Mourinho has for Sir Bobby Robson, Newcastle United and the Geordie people is very heartwarming. Still get the feeling he might end up on Tyneside one day… #NUFC— Jordan Cronin (@jordancronin_) July 14, 2020

Am i the only fan who does NOT want Dinosaur Mourinho anywhere near The Newcastle hot seat— Black & White Vision (@white_vision) July 14, 2020

Woah! Pause! Whys this being discussed? Have i missed something?

I think Mourinho is a legend of the game but i wouldnt want him anywhere near my club now. I could think of at least 6/7 managers id rather have before Jose.

Long story short… you are not alone! 👍🏾— T-R-NUFC (@nufc_r) July 15, 2020

Personally I would love Jose at Newcastle. His connection to Sir Bobby, his continued admiration for the club, it just seems a match made ready to go. I fully understand some fans trepidation towards hiring him, and the want for a new young manager to take the club forward post takeover.

But for me if you want to build a solid foundation, with a ‘name’ manager, and someone who would get the fans, the club and the area, there are only really two names on the list….Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho.

It is widely known that Rafa has never broken a contract, so that would rule him out at the moment. However with Jose, he performs better when he is loved and has something to fight for. He would get both at Newcastle. He would be adored by fans (the majority anyway), and Newcastle is a club he has a connection too, and would fight for Sir Bobby if nothing else.

When you look at the calibre of managers we have had in the past 13 years (Chris Houghton and Rafa aside) they have been uninspiring, and of a certain reputation. Jose would improve that list drastically, and although it is all just talk between fans at the moment, is definitely someone who would be a vast improvement of what we have.

To me Jose hasn’t looked the same manager at his past two appointments, a move to the North East, with his ties to Sir Bobby, his continued vocalised respect for the club and city, it seems almost fate that he will end up at Newcastle. Could this be the time?

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