Transfer rumours pure fantasy?

Normally during this time of the season, we are looking forward to the end of the season, the prospect of a Euro 2020 to keep a summer of football, and transfer rumours coming from every possible direction.

But these are not normal times, we don’t know when the end of the season will come, if at all! Euro 2020 has been moved to the summer of 2021, and clubs having to rethink their transfer activity due to loss of income coming into clubs because of the lockdown.

But as we know Newcastle never follows the path of normality! Even more so with the takeover rumours, there is a chance Newcastle could be the one of the only clubs with any real money to spend! Which has lead to almost daily updates on transfer rumours, and some have to be seen to be believed.

Since the beginning of April, when the prospective takeover seemed to take a massive step closer, you could almost hear clubs and agents rubbing their hands together, and undoubtably caught with £’s in their eyes!

As a club we have been linked with some of the games elite. A free transfer for current PSG striker Edison Cavani, a marquee signing of World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann, and a signal intent in the form of Philippe Coutinho, and throw in an Arturo Vidal, a return bid for Lille’s Soumare, Chelsea winger Willian, and you are almost there!

There are various problems that come with these transfer rumours, and some Newcastle fans are taking these rumours with a massive pinch of salt. The issue at the club is we don’t as yet who will financing these transfers, and undoubtably the rumours are working on the assumption the PCP/PIF/Reuben consortium completes the purchase of the club. Lets not forget current owner Mike Ashley put ALL the clubs staff on the government furlough programme, including head scout Steve Nickson and the entire scouting department.

Nickson has since been called of furlough, but considering no one knows when the season will finish, and when the transfer window will open, never mind players travelling to different cities and countries for contract talks and medicals, and no one knows whose name will be above the door when transfer talks start, it questions how their can be any transfer rumours at all.

Even today Mundo Deportivo have stated that Coutinho would be willing to join the Toon if Pochettino were to made manager, which again isn’t certain, in a transfer of around £80 million! There have also been various links to players in France, the list goes on.

No doubt the rumours will continue, but only time will tell what is fact or fiction.

As mouth watering as these rumours may be, none of the it makes sense! Are the possible new owners speaking to players and agents, have they already got a manager lined up for next season, even though reports say they haven’t, has the scouting staff been told to work on two lists? No one can know until some sort of update is made to let us know whats going on.

It’s hard to think of a summer transfer window, when we don’t know when the next season will start, and what the landscape of football is at that time! Another stumbling block may be the ever present black cloud that is Financial Fair Play! Will it be eased upon because of the financial constraints clubs will be under, or will the powers that be keep it as is!

The names we have been linked with seem like someone has found a cheat code for Football Manager, it just doesn’t seem real! As exciting as the prospect of Coutinho lining up alongside Saint-Maximin and Almiron, we simply have to wait, and see what happens. It just feels nice to be involved for a change.

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